Directory of Games and Activities

Check out these free online science games and activities! Some even help scientists do real science.

Biochemistry and Genetics


by Carolina

Protect and grow your cell to fight against viruses

cell biology


by University of Washington

Protein folding game using real chemical properties

structural biology, biochemistry


by Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University

Fold RNA molecules and get scored by nature

structural biology, biochemistry


by McGill University

Align segments of genes for different species

genetics, evolution

Rare Breeds: Petunia

by bobblebrook

Breed petunias for desired shapes and colors

genetics, evolution

Other Sciences

Galaxy Zoo

by Zooniverse

Help astronomers classify galaxies


Field Expidition: Mongolia

by National Geographic

Label satellite images of Mongolia to help find lost tombs of Genghis Khan


The Wild Lab

by The Wild Lab

Use your iPhone to track the location of bird and ocean life sightings

birds, fish

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